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20 Projects to Re-purpose Starbucks Bottles

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20 Projects to Re-purpose Starbucks Bottles

I love coffee. That’s a fact.  This love for coffee really only happened in the last few years.  I never enjoyed the drink in any form.  That being said, I love the coffee from coffee shops such as Starbucks© and the mom-and-pop shops in our towns BUT I really don’t care for the bottled versions of the Starbucks© drinks.  They are just too sugary for my tastes.  I do; however, love the bottles they come in! They are so handy for crafting projects as well as storage for small items.

spice and herb jars

My niece loves the bottled drinks and saves the bottles and had several to give away a while back.  She asked if I wanted any of them and that got my mind going with the possibilities of what to do with the bottles.  I took quite a few off of her hands and used most of them for storing my spices and dried herbs. She had already washed and removed the labels from most of them.  I then designed the labels using these Avery Labels and their pre-designed templates to place on the front of each bottle.  Then I spray-painted the lids with a color that matches the decor in my kitchen. The other bottles I have used for small beads and embellishments for crafts.

As you can see, some of my bottles are in need of a refill!  I tend to buy some of the spices and dried herbs in bulk for use in DIY Homemade mixes such as my Taco Seasoning, Chili Seasoning, and Fajita Seasoning.

edited starbucks bottles

Recently while we were cleaning out the garage, I found more of these milk bottle shaped bottles that my niece gave to me.  I headed over to Pinterest to see what crafty and smart ways I could re-purpose the bottles.  I’ve gathered 19 more projects for re-purposing Starbucks© bottles to share with you. I can’t wait to make some of these creative ideas!

I heart Crafty thingsI Heart Crafty Things

The scrap shoppe blogThe Scrap Shoppe Blog

One Good Thing by JilleeOne Good Thing by Jillee


Midwest Modern Momma

be brave keep going

Be Brave Keep Going

Jennifers creative corner

Jennifer’s Creative Corner


One Artsy Mama


Sweet Designs – A Blog by Amy Atlas

Eighteen 25 - decoupage bottles

Eighteen 25

Magnolia Market - milk-bottle-floral-holder

Magnolia Market

Knick of Time repurposed-starbucks-bottle-tape-image-transfer

Knick of Time

Embracing Creativity DIY-Paint-Decorated-Starbucks-Bottles-

Embracing Creativity

Infarrently Creative - Starbucks Magnets

Infarrantly Creative

Cottage in the Oaks Special Momentos Bottles

Cottage in the Oaks

Pretty Handy Girl Spray Painted Glass Jars and Bottles

Pretty Handy Girl

Mandi Being Crafty - Joy Bottles

Mandi Being Crafty

The Idea Room - Homemade Bath Salts GIft Set

The Idea Room

Domesticated Nomad - Soap Dispenser

Domesticated Nomad

You Are My Fave - candy bottle gifts

You Are My Fave

More Ideas to Repurpose Starbucks© Bottles

I hope some of these easy projects have gotten your creative juices flowing for what you can do with the empty Starbucks© drink bottles!



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  1. So many great ideas here – and I’m not even a coffee fan! 🙂 I’ll have to use a few of my little milk bottles instead. I love the pretty blue painted flower vases in the window – so pretty. Thanks for sharing such a fun roundup!

  2. This is so neat – I recently used some of these as vases but you have come up with so many ideas here I’m in awe… Complete AWE! I gave up coffee a couple years ago but every now and then I get me a pack of drinks because in reality I just love the taste could just do without the caffeine. I think my favorite is the spice jars and the bath salts presentation. The olive oil is neat too because what a great gift idea. Sharing this later this week.

    1. Thanks Carole for stopping by and for the wonderful comment (and the share is much appreciated)! I love my spice jars that I did from the bottles and the bath salts are one of my favorites too. I plan on making some of them and the olive oils for Christmas gifts this year. Easy, personalized gifts

  3. Wow such fun and creative ideas. I was also thinking to reuse them as spice jars but not sure if they are airtight enough to keep the freshness of spices.

      1. Be sure to soak them in hot water. The heat helps the stickerscome off. A scotch brute scrubber. Will take the glue residue right off!!

  4. I love these ideas! I have one of these that I want to use for my lunchbox as a to go drink, but I’ve discovered that the cap leaks now that i’ve washed it 🙁 Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  5. Love these ideas!! If you don’t paint them and leave them clear, what do you use to remove the expiration date from the glass?

  6. Please can someone advise me what paint was used to paint the lids if possible, Im wanting to upcycle some for my wedding but struggling to find a paint that’s food/liquid safe to use