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Classic No-Bake Cookies

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This past weekend was my high school class reunion and while I was unable to attend, I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and pictures of the event on Facebook.  Seeing how everyone has changed and what they were doing, their families and just all of the memories that went with the event had me a bit nostalgic.  High school was a great time in my life and while I would not want to relive it, I do miss quite a few of the people and the memories we made are priceless.

Being reminded of those days also got me thinking of the teachers I had that impacted my life in one or another. How can you forget a teacher telling you that if did not know how to do “word problems”, you would not succeed at life? I was 12, what did I care about the two planes leaving two different cities and when they would pass each other in the air? That stuck with me, for life and made me work harder to prove him wrong.  Ok, I still can’t do word problems to save my life but I got the point (Thanks Mr. Porter!!) Another teacher that made an impact was my junior high typing and business teacher, Mrs. Glover, she was a stern woman but unless you took the time to get to know her, you did not see the wonderful humor this woman had. Of course, every single time I type (like right now) I can see her telling me not to look at the keys on the typewriter but look at the “copy.”  She would even physically go around and turn our heads to the copy to illustrate this verbal command. Loved that woman.  There are many more but I won’t bore you with those stories.

One of my fondest memories of high school included getting to see all of my friends that weren’t in the same classes as me at lunch time.  Great to catch up and make plans for after school and the weekend while eating pretty good lunches, compared to today’s school lunches, we ate like kings and queens.  The food was cooked in the schools by wonderful cafeteria ladies who cared about the meals they made.  One of the favorites of nearly everyone was their No-Bake Cookies.

The chocolate-peanut butter-oatmeal hunks of heaven were so good that we all devoured the one cookie they gave us and then went back in line with our dime to get an extra one. I had to make these cookies again  – it’s been years since I had them so I was overdue.  So easy to make and yes they are sweet but one cookie (or two) will have you in heaven – so worth it.


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