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What’s For Dinner?

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I don’t know how it is in your household but I get asked that question nearly every day and most weeks I do have a menu that I can just answer that questions fast.  Other times, I’m looking at those who’ve asked like, “why are you asking
me this?”
Which is a stall tactic till my mind stops thinking this:
Being back in classes now, with a full course load is going to extend that stall time most weeks but hopefully a menu will fix that.  My point with this is, I get tired of coming up with the new meals and  I get tired of making the same ones over and over again.
Sometimes, it would be nice to have someone else do the thinking for me.
 Eh, that’s what going out is for, I suppose.  Ha!
I’m sure we’ve all looked into our refrigerators and freezers and exclaimed,
“There isn’t anything in here!”
 I found this nifty web site long ago that I have been checking out once again.
It’s very cool!
You enter the ingredients you do have and check off some options, then it will give
you a list of meals you can make with what you have!
You can use the simple kitchen list or the detailed list if some of the food items you have aren’t listed.  The results will include recipes with some item you are missing. You may have them but didn’t check them off  or it may be something like mayo that you probably already have.
Brilliant! Takes the thinking out of it for me and I love that.
 You can even submit a recipe to be on the site as well, and for a food blogger, that’s a great service to advertise.  It will even save all the recipes you want for the next time you are asked “What’s for dinner?”
The site is called My Fridge Food, check it out today!

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