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Beer, Bacon, and Cheese Cornbread

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A few days ago I shared a link on my Facebook page for a Beer, Bacon and Cheese Cornbread recipe from Lovefoodies. I kept thinking about this recipe and while I have only ever had plain cornbread I was open to this.  I mean beer, bacon AND cheese, it’s a no-brainer.  Saturday turned out to be a very chilly and rainy day here and I thought good chili-eatin weather.  Normally I do make cornbread when we have chili so I thought this recipe would be great with it.

So, in the crockpot went my chili-fixin’s and off to the store I went to get sour cream as that was the only ingredient I didn’t have for the cornbread.  When it was time to make the cornbread, I followed the recipe exactly and off it went in the oven to bake. I used a Blue Moon beer, it was that or Miller Lite. I chose wisely. I’m not gonna lie when I tell you it smelled wonderful while it was baking!  I’m also not going to lie when I tell you while I thought it was good the rest of the family weren’t that great of fans of it.  I think it was the combination of the beer and bacon they didn’t quite care for.  Each to their own, right?!  So, if you’re not sure of the beer and bacon combo, my suggestion would be to make half the recipe to see as it does make a huge amount (13 x 9 pan).

For the entire list of ingredients and instructions please go to Lovefoodies’ site and see the recipe here



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