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Build Your Email List Party!

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If you are the owner of a mommy blog or food blog, this party is for you! We will be joining each other’s email lists throughout the month of January in this ongoing party. Just remember to come back and follow everyone throughout the month till the party closes at 11:55pm ET January 31st. Join the linkup for the month of January 2018 where we will join each other's email lists! #bloggingtips

The inspiration for today’s party came from an email that Sinea from Duck ‘n a Row received from Social Media Examiner yesterday sharing the grim news that Facebook is eliminating their news feed feature. WHAT???? (Note: the email said that this is so new that they haven’t even shared it on their blog. They are learning more about it first.) I read something that alluded to this in one of my Facebook groups and pondered what to do to get those readers I wasn’t reaching in that venue.  I was thrilled when Sinea asked fellow bloggers to join in the party and to co-host this blogger opportunity!

Many bloggers have experienced great stress over Facebook. Remember the early years when every Facebook follower was like gold? Everyone saw our posts. We got engagement with the sheer numbers of who liked our page. Then algorithm change after algorithm change came out of the blue and, with every one, we cried out “Ouch! Ouch! and OUCH!”

I am one of the bloggers who finally gave up on Facebook, in the traditional sense. It was too much trouble to try to keep up with, though I do post when I see trends or new posts on the blog. Even doing that, the numbers are great.  I do belong to some great Facebook groups that are a real blessing but I haven’t pursued getting new Facebook followers for a while now. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are my go-to social media venues with a little Google+* on the side, when I can. *Google+ is another well that went dry but it does still seem to help get Google exposure so I intermittently post and follow others.

I have come to realize that the advice that I heard from the seasoned bloggers over the years – and ignored – is the best advice. Content is king and EMAIL LISTS are essential. In theory, everyone who signs up to follow you by email really WANTS to. They expect to hear from you. They may even look forward to it. I admit, writing the newsletter is a bit time-consuming but it’s a MUST.  I also find that once I get in there and start writing it, I LOVE doing that – I love that it feels like I am writing to each of you personally, and not like a typical form letter. I vow to do and be better at this, now.

So, in celebration of another fun Facebook change coming down the pike… a change we may hate… how about having a blog party?

This is probably a one-time deal. I am creating this linkup to be ongoing for the whole month of January. It is for family-friendly blogs, only. I call them mommy blogs or food blogs but you know whether your content fits with “family friendly.” Since, by participating in the party, we are agreeing to follow everybody by email, it is vital that the content is something we would want to see. No adult sites, gambling, dark or political blogs allowed.

I will be re-posting the party a couple of times this month to stir up interest. Please set a reminder for yourself to come back and follow those who have joined later. Full participation will make this a great party and build all of our lists!

If you are a blogger and would like to share this party on your blog, too, let me know! You can email me at [email protected] and use the subject line I WANT TO GUEST HOST the EMAIL LIST LINK PARTY.

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  1. Thank you so much for having this party! What a great idea! I just linked up- I’m #42 Kathleen Rupp from Everything Karupped blog. It looks like you have some awesome recipes. I can’t wait to come back to explore your site further. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing such interesting and useful tips for beginner bloggers. I will definitely use your awesome tips. I hope that you will continue to make this type of content.