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Brewing Coffee

Coffee.  It goes by many names. Just to name a few:   Joe, Java, Cuppa, Go Juice, Jitter Juice, Brain Juice, Wakey Juice, Morning Jolt, and Liquid Energy.  I like to call it My Wonder Drug.  It gives me the energy to power through the day and calms my soul.  How does it do that? Coffee (caffeine) is supposed to rev your engines, get you going, and keep you awake.  In today’s fast-paced world, we are always on the go and we rarely take the time to relax, calm our souls, or notice what we’re missing out the window.

I am a one to two cup a day coffee-drinker but on those occasions where I just need to have another to remind myself there is more to all of this studying for my dream job, more to the stress of all that is going on around me.  Your mind and soul are linked intrinsically. Your soul cannot be calm or at rest if your mind is going 70 miles an hour. When your mind is in a tranquil state, your soul is able to communicate with you more effectively.  Being in touch with your soul helps you discover your inner self and then empowers you to connect with the true essence of the world around you.  That’s when My Wonder Drug comes in to save the day. One sip and I am hooked, hooked on relaxing even if it’s just the duration of that cup of wonderfulness.  What’s even better is when that cup is shared with a friend at a local coffee shop where the atmosphere insists you take that break to calm your soul.


Coffee has been given a bad rap in the past, health-wise.  New studies show it’s good for us in many ways.  Coffee beans contain antioxidants, called quinines, which become more potent after roasting. This type of antioxidant, along with the magnesium found naturally in coffee, affect blood sugar levels and are thought to be responsible for the link to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.  Studies have also shown that it may reduce cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods, and stop headaches — not to mention reduce the risk of colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson’s diseases. Now this doesn’t mean you should rely on coffee to keep you healthy but drinking about two cups (we’re talking an 8 ounce cup not your Grande or Venti sizes) of it a day along with your regular exercise and healthy diet can reduce these risks or give us the benefits. It’s worth mentioning that drinking coffee without adding sweeteners or cream is the most beneficial but if you have to add anything, skip the cream and use nonfat milk.  It’s no wonder I call it My Wonder Drug.

Check out this coffee infographic from Quill about how Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round! Drinking coffee could save your job! This infographic has fun facts about coffee and the workplace.


Brewing Success: Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round



  Sources for health benefits from The Buzz on Coffee
Infographic from Quill

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