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Sunday Spotlight #2 – Strawberry Scones

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Strawberries combined with a sweet glaze poured over delicious soft scones – pure heaven or as close as it can get with food! I made a batch of these strawberry scones from Jam Hands and they were gone in 24 hours flat.  I’ve never really been a fan of scones, well that is until I tried some that weren’t just “plain”. These would be perfect for a breakfast anytime or as an afternoon treat – who am I kidding, they are good anytime.

 If you’re not a baker or think you can’t bake, this is an easy recipe to try because you can’t mess it up. Really, it’s that simple!  The biggest thing there is to worry about it is making sure you are using COLD butter.  I don’t own a food processor, never really saw the need for one but I know it makes it easier to crumb together the dry ingredients with the cold butter.  I used a hand held pastry blender and it worked well.  Once you have the crumbed mixture ready, add the wet ingredients and combine to form a dough.  See, easy!  Flatten dough into a disc on a flour-surface and either cut into the traditional wedges or as Ali, did, in rounds then bake.  When the scones are cooled, you whip up the glaze and pour on the scones – and then devour them.
Ali, from Jam Hands has an amazing site and if you haven’t been over there to check it out, I encourage you to do so.  She’s got a well-rounded array of recipes from sweet to savory and there’s something for everyone there.  We loved her simple and sweet Amish Meatloaf and her Mocha Toffee Brownies are out of this world with a glorious coffee taste to them. I can’t wait to try other recipes from her site like, Bacon and Cheese Deviled Eggs and the Green Bean Casserole Grilled Cheese (Genius to combine a favorite casserole with a classic grilled cheese.) I could list more but trust me when I say you’ll be pinning and bookmarking many of her recipes to try.  I sure did!
Click here for the full recipe for the Strawberry Scones.



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