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The Perfect Tortilla Pan!

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The Perfect Tortilla Pan Set!

As seen on TV products have their moments, with some being the best thing since the invention of the wheel and some being really just plain stupid.  The Perfect Tortilla Pan Set, is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.  I love it! The price was right too – 4 pans for $10!  I haven’t had the pans long but I have used them twice now and can see all sorts of possibilities.  I have made taco salad and a Mexican chicken recipe using the shells as the “bowl” for the meals.  The pans are super easy to use, non-stick and just plain cute!  The pictures in this post are from the first time I used the product and I made note to cook the shells just a few minutes longer next time so that they are a tad crisper.  Also, very important when using the pans, is to let the shells cool a moment or two before removing from pans so they do stay crispy.  Other than that, this product gets two thumbs up from me.

You can see what I mean by letting the in the oven a few minutes more here in this picture. They were great this way, but my family and I agreed they needed a bit more crunch.
Yes, it was a paper plate night!
I just might have to buy another set of these totally nifty pans!


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