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A Christmas Tree Filled with Memories Made Through the Years

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A Christmas Tree Filled with Memories Made Through the Years with handmade or special ornaments keeps the memories alive in our hearts and minds.


Welcome back to year 6 of our Festive Christmas Event where we team up with a bunch of talented blogging friends to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season. We will be baking some cookie recipes for you, sharing some party games, making some handmade gifts, doing some ornament crafting, and sharing our Christmas movies family fun. There will be breakfast recipes and as always our decorated Christmas Trees which is always a fun tour of homes. 

New this year is Gift Guides. We are right there with you shopping from home due to COVID 19 and we understand how hard that can be so we have been busy little Elves doing tons of research to create fabulous Gift Guides to help you with your holiday shopping. You will find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Scroll all the way down to find all the ideas linked at the end.

Here’s what I have shared so far with the event:   Check out the Holiday Gift Guide of Cookbooks Written by Your Favorite Food Bloggers and this one filled with Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodies in Your Life.  If you’re needing a homemade gift to give, I’ve shared these cute Holiday Cookie Mix Gift Sack with Printable Gift Tags. Need a fund Christmas Party game? Check out our Bobbing for Candy Canes game. Here’s an easy ornament craft that anyone can make:  DIY Pour Painted Christmas Ornaments. Monday, I shared my personal top five favorite Christmas movies. Today, it’s all about the Christmas trees we put up each year.  

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A Christmas Tree Filled with Memories Made Through the Years

For as long as I can remember the Christmas trees in my life have been filled with ornaments that held some special meaning or from someone special.  As a child, the ornaments on our tree were handed down from grandparents, ornaments that held meaning to my parents, and ones I made in school or scouts.  Some of those handed down decorations didn’t make it through the years but several have and they adorn my tree each year.

When my husband and I first married, we didn’t have any ornaments yet so we bought those popular stain balls that frayed every time you touched them.  They didn’t last too many years.  Once I got my hands on the ornaments from my parents and once we had babies, we started our own traditions with decorating the tree. First Christmas for us, first for the girls, first house, etc.  One year my mother cross-stitched over 20 ornaments for us and they go on the tree each year.  We’ve added year ornaments as well not to mention most all of the girls’ decorations they’ve made when they were younger. There’s even ornaments for the cats.

decorated tree with memories


Perhaps our tree isn’t the biggest, fanciest, or most expensively decorated; it is a display of love, memories, and smiles.  

I tried to scour our pictures for close-ups of some of the decorations but wasn’t able to find many and since we don’t put up tree until the beginning of December, I don’t have current photos either.  I did find a few that I will share with you. 

Each year we head to buy our tree and our process is simple.  It has to fit in the space we have for it in the living room and the tree must just call out to us to buy it.  Some years the tree is near perfect, others it may be near a “Charlie Brown” tree.  

getting the tree at Lowes

Next, we let the tree sit overnight in the tree stand to open up more before we decorate it.

tree ready to decorate


Of course, we have to get organized with the ornaments and decorations.  

sorting ornaments

A Christmas Tree Filled with Memories Made Through the Years

We sort through them and decide where we will start.  My youngest daughter sorts out the ornaments and we reminisce about the ornaments, where we got them, who made this one, or who gave them to us. 

sorting more ornaments


Each ornament is carefully placed on the tree.

Christmas tree decorations top

Every year we add a few new ones and the “year” ornament. 2020’s ornament is being made by my daughter and will get its place on the tree when she’s finished.  

more handmade ornaments

Our cat loves to be under the tree looking at the lights and even batting a few ornaments.

Christmas tree decorations bottom


This is one of the ornaments my daughter made using the pour painting technique a few years ago.

Pour Painted Ornament hanging on Christmas tree


I made a new tree skirt a couple of years ago as the other one I made was nearing it’s end.  It was stained and tattered beyond any more repairs.

handmade tree skirt


That’s our tree – full of memories and love.  

cat and tree


#FestiveChristmas Calendar of Events

Be sure to follow #FestiveChristmas on all your social media platforms for many ideas, crafts, recipes, and more throughout the event. 

Here is a list of what’s to come:

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Nov 18: Christmas Breakfast

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