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50 Chicken Dinners – One Cooking Vessel

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Discover 50 mouthwatering chicken dinner recipes that you can prepare using just one cooking vessel! From skillet meals and sheet pan dinners to slow cooker and Instant Pot favorites, these easy, flavorful dishes simplify cooking and cleanup while delivering delicious results.

50 Chicken Dinners – using one cooking vessel

This round-up of 50 Chicken Dinners are all one-pot recipes to make your life easier! From savory skillet meals and convenient sheet pan dinners to hearty slow cooker dishes and quick Instant Pot favorites, these recipes simplify cooking and cleanup while delivering delicious, nutritious results for any night of the week. Perfect for busy home cooks looking for easy and flavorful meal solutions!

50 Chicken Dinners – One Cooking Vessel

Here are 50 chicken dinners that can be prepared using one cooking vessel, such as a skillet, Dutch oven, slow cooker, or sheet pan. These recipes cover a range of cuisines and cooking methods, ensuring variety and deliciousness for every meal.

The less time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you have for the people you love and the activities you enjoy doing.  As with any of my recipes, prep time is important.  If you can prep any part of the recipe in advance, do so, and then when it’s time to put the meal together you are ahead of the game. 

Another great tip is to take out all of the ingredients and cookware you will need for the recipes before you start cooking.  Everything will be within reach, and you won’t hunt down items.  Easy Peasy! Keep reading for more helpful tips and delicious recipes.

grilled chicken on wooden board

Cooking on the Stove-Top

Cooking a one pot meal on the stove top is an excellent way to prepare a delicious and efficient meal with minimal cleanup. Choose the right pan or skillet for the recipe. A large, heavy-bottomed skillet works best. Cast iron or stainless steel skillets are ideal because they retain heat well and provide even cooking. Some recipes may call for a Dutch oven or a large cooking pot.

Reasons to Cook in One Pot

  • Efficiency: One-skillet meals are often quicker to prepare since all the ingredients cook together, reducing overall cooking time. This efficiency is ideal for anyone looking to prepare a meal quickly.
  • Fewer Dishes to Wash: Using only one skillet means less cleanup afterward. This can save you significant time and effort, making the entire cooking experience more enjoyable.
  • Versatility: One-skillet meals can be highly versatile. You can incorporate a variety of ingredients, such as proteins, vegetables, grains, and sauces, to create a balanced and nutritious meal.
cast orin skillet with chicken parmesan

Stove Top Chicken Recipes

buffalo chicken fajitas one skillet meal

Cooking sheet pan meals In the Oven

Cooking sheet pan meals in the oven offers many advantages that make it an appealing option for busy cooks and health-conscious eaters alike. Use a large rimmed sheet pan or a large casserole dish, depending on what the recipe calls for.

Cut the vegetables you use in even sized pieces so that it will all cook the same. Keep in mind some vegetables like broccoli or green beans will cook faster than quartered potatoes or baby carrots. Knowing that can save you from having overcooked or undercooked vegetables.

sheet pan hawaiian chicken

Reasons to Cook Sheet Pan or Oven Meals

  • Minimal Cleanup: With everything cooked on a single sheet pan, you significantly reduce the number of dishes to wash. Using parchment paper or foil can make cleanup even easier.
  • Simple Preparation: Sheet pan meals often involve easy prep steps like chopping and seasoning, making them quick to assemble.
  • Batch Cooking: Sheet pan meals are great for cooking large quantities of food at once, perfect for meal prepping or feeding a family.
  • Healthy Cooking Method: Roasting generally requires less oil than frying, making it a healthier cooking method.

Sheet Pan Chicken Recipes

slow cooker tuscan chicken

Cooking In the Slow Cooker and Instant Pot

Using a slow cooker or an Instant Pot offers several benefits, each catering to different cooking needs and lifestyles.

Choosing Between a Slow Cooker and an Instant Pot

Slow Cooker: Best for those who prefer the convenience of setting up a meal in the morning and having it ready by evening, with minimal intervention. Ideal for recipes that benefit from long, slow cooking to develop deep flavors and tender textures.

Instant Pot: Perfect for those who need to prepare meals quickly, appreciate multifunctionality in a kitchen appliance, and enjoy experimenting with a variety of cooking techniques. Great for last-minute meal preparation and busy schedules.

slow cooker white

Reasons to use a Slow Cooker

  • Hands-Off Cooking: Add ingredients to the slow cooker and let it cook for several hours without needing to monitor it constantly.
  • Set It and Forget It: Ideal for busy schedules, allowing you to prepare meals in the morning and have dinner ready when you get home.
  • Low Energy Use: Uses less electricity compared to an oven, making it a more energy-efficient cooking method.

Reasons to use an Instant Pot

  • Fast Cooking: Pressure cooking drastically reduces cooking times for dishes that typically take hours, such as stews, beans, and braised meats.
  • Quick Meals: Ideal for preparing meals in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods, making it perfect for busy weeknights.
  • Multiple Functions: An Instant Pot combines multiple kitchen appliances into one, serving as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and yogurt maker.
instant pot

Slow Cooker and Instant Pot Recipes

Simple Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Chili - Mashup Mom
black bowl with pork lo mein made in the instant pot

These chicken dinner recipes provide a diverse array of flavors and cuisines, all achievable with the convenience of using just one cooking vessel. Enjoy the simplicity and deliciousness of these one-pan chicken dinners!

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